8 Blade Combo - Pack A - Quick Release
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8 Blade Combo - Pack A - Quick Release

Price:   £12.99

2x 35mm Wood Blades (QAB35WB)

For cutting wood, most plastics, drywall etc.

2x 35mm Coarse (Japenese) Wood Blades (QAB35CWB)

For cutting wood, wood laminates, softer plastics, drywall.

The Japanese style tooth design allows faster cuts.

2x 35mm Bi Metal Blades (QAB35BM)

For cutting wood, soft metal (copper/aluminium), non-ferrous nails, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, acrylics (Plexiglas), laminates.

2x 65mm Wood Blades (QAB65WB)

For cutting wood, plastic, drywall, laminates.

The larger surface of this blade makes it ideal for longer cuts.

These blades fit the following Multitools

  •     AEG
  •     Aldi Workzone
  •     All Bosch
  •     Argos Challenge Extreme
  •     B&Q Mac Allister (MMT108-LI)
  •     Batavia
  •     Black & Decker
  •     CEL - with CEL Adaptor
  •     Clarke
  •     Dewalt
  •     Duratool (D01962)
  •     Einhell
  •     Erbauer ERB474HTL (Screwfix)
  •     Fein - Old & New/Star fitting & Quick release
  •     Ferm
  •     Lidl Parkside (PMFW280-A2)
  •     Mac Allister - with Mac Allister adaptor
  •     Makita
  •     Milwaukee
  •     Renovator + Saxton Adaptor
  •     Ryobi-1plus - with Ryobi adaptor (Stored in battery compartment of Multitool)
  •     Stanley
  •     Silverline
  •     Skil Multitasker
  •     Stanley Fatmax
  •     Terratek
  •     Tesco
  •     Tooltec
  •     Worx Sonicrafter Hyperlock - (quick release style)
  •     Wolf

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