15 Blade Combo - Pack B
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15 Blade Combo - Pack B

Model AB15CBB
Price:   £23.99
  • A variety of blades for most Multitool tasks.
  • Cutting, grinding, sanding and more.
  • Professional quality blades.


3x 35mm Wood Blades (AB35WB)

For cutting wood, most plastics, drywall etc.

3x 35mm Bi Metal Blades (AB35BM)

For cutting wood, soft metal (copper/aluminium), non-ferrous nails, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, acrylics (Plexiglas), laminates.

2x 65mm Wood Blades (AB65WB)

For cutting wood, plastic, drywall, laminates.

The larger surface of this blade makes it ideal for longer cuts.

2x 44mm Long Reach Blades (AB44LR)

For cutting into: wood, plastic, drywall, laminates.
Standard blades cut up to 40mm deep. These blades have a reach of 55mm.

1x 63mm Carbide Blade (AB63CD)

The Antler 63mm Carbide Blade quickly grinds out grout without damaging surrounding tiles. This blade has one flat side so you can cut to corners or adjoining surfaces without over-cutting. The cutting width on this blade is 1.8mm. Also used for plunge cutting into drywall and cutting into softer bricks.

1x 78mm Carbide Rasp Blade (AB78CR)

These blades are perfect for coarse sanding of filler, tile adhesive, concrete, stone and wood.

1x 35mm Carbide Blade (AB35CEC)

Perfect for chasing into plaster and some bricks for electric sockets/cables. Also used for grout removal.

1x Diamond Boot Blade (AB58DB)

For grout removal and making cuts out of some ceramic tiles.
The Boot shape allows ease of reach into Awkward places.

1x 50mm Scraper Blade (AB50SPR)

Ideal for lifting carpet, linoleum, cardboard cutting or removing silicone, caulking & glue.

These blades fit the following Multitools:


Aldi Workzone                                                                                                          

Bosch (excludes Starlock)                                                                                                       

Argos Challenge Extreme-(Battery)

Argos Challenge Extreme-(Mains) + Adaptor

B&Q Mac Allister (MMT108-LI)



Duratool (D01962)


Fein (excludes Starlock)


Lidl Parkside

Mac Allister- with Mac Allister adaptor



Renovator + Adaptor

Ryobi-1plus-With Ryobi adaptor (Stored in battery compartment of Multitool)


Skil Multitasker





Worx Sonicrafter + Adaptor

These will fit any Multitools accepting Bosch fit blades.

If you are unsure, please contact us